NSA partners with Tech Giants to gain backdoor access to servers and personal data

By Dave Farrell

The Guardian broke the story that the National Security Agency is utilizing a super top secret software program called PRISM to access personal, private data directly from the servers of the world’s largest tech giants.  Microsoft, Google, Yahoo and Apple are all in on the arrangement to allow the United States government backdoor access to the personal information of 95% of the world’s internet traffic.  Since 2001, when the NSA became a significantly important government it appeared they would be way over matched by the sheer size and speed that the world’s data is amassed.  Leave it to the US government to throw billions of dollars at the problem and solicit the help of former PayPal execs to build the type of software that can effectively sift through the massive pile of data.  According to IBM the amount of data on the Internet double every two years…..yes Doubles every two years.  Therefore, without the cooperation of the world’s tech giants that would be an impossible task.  The NSA is building a huge data center in the mountains of Utah to permanently house the world’s data indefinitely.


National Security Agency and Technology Giants share back door

You can imagine the types of data that are floating about in the ether of the net.  Emails and cell phone usage leave finger prints all over the servers of the big tech companies and they’ve created worm holes for the NSA software PRISM to pull information, analyze and predict individual user behavior.  The personal protection and privacy laws are really lagging behind the rate of technological advancement and, in our opinion, will continue to provide the government with large legal gaps with which to snoop on citizens.  The balance between national security and personal privacy is a debate that will be in and out of the court room for generations to come.   As the bad guys get better at utilizing technology for their illicit means the partnership between the tech giants and the federal government will become more intertwined.


PRISM wormhold into tech giant servers

In the meantime you need to get yourself the best VPN provider available on the internet. One that utilizes a 128-2048 secure encrypted channel.  It is a fact that will four pieces of data (including location, time, duration) you can pin point, with 95% accuracy, the identity of an individual cell phone caller based on usage patterns. So you need a VPN in which you can instantly change your IP address as often as you like.  We recommend that you change up which servers you use and the length of time you use them.  Behavior patterns allow you to be pinpointed….don’t be predictable so you can keep your sensitive, personal information safe from prying eyes.  If you are up to something illegal chances are the NSA will know your next move before you do.